Window Farms

The Youtube video “Window Farms” (, provide an interesting spin on having a personal mini-farm from the comfort of one’s own window.

The argument presented in this video says that it is possible (with a little bit of space, clear strong view of sunlight, and a little bit of creativity) to create a so-called “farm” in the middle of a sprawling urban community. While limited in size, the strength of the farm is in its versatility, not requiring the necessary space that a typical “community garden” would have to take. On a more larger scale ¬†of production, if someone had a window farm that produced lots of products such as thyme, basil, etc., they could potentially sell them for a small profit with relatively little work.

I find it difficult being able to do this in my own room because my room does not face the sun directly (it is covered by other buildings in my condominium complex). I however think that this window farm could be achievable by placing the same system as presented in video on our french doors leading to our backyard (while we are in a condo complex, we live on the first floor, and thus blessed with the opportunity to have a backyard that receives plenty of sunlight). I would perhaps have to divide the setup into two systems of pumps, one on each door so that we would still have the opportunity to open the doors in the case of if we wanted to out in the backyard. In other words, there would be two distinct systems of the window farm, with one pump on each door providing the nutrients and water to each of their own respective systems.

Regarding what I would grow, I would consider growing simple things such as what are shown on the video. These plants include basil, thyme, oregano, and other such things. The reasons for this is that I am not a very accomplished or experienced gardener (the only plant I ever had the¬†privilege of taking care of was a Venus flytrap, which promptly passed when I accidentally stepped on it as a child). I really have no sense of a gardener’s green thumb. The other reason is that my mother always sends me on “herb runs” to fetch such herbs from the local farmer’s market, or the ground-up version available at Safeway. As a very good cook who frequently uses such herbs, she would much appreciate the opportunity to use fresh herbs grown in our very home.

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Striepe, Becky. “Photo of Window Farm.” Digital image. GreenUpgrader. April 18, 2011 Published. Accessed January 31, 2013.