Nutella. For many who hear that word, they visualize that iconic large jar of brown-colored spread with the black “n” combined with the red letters “ella.” Does it taste good? You can bet on it. Is it good for you? That’s debatable (it most likely isn’t though, at least not as they claim it to be.) Nevertheless, it is something that never disappoints  when it comes to taste and how satisfying it feels afterward when you slap it on a piece of bread and have it for breakfast. To me, nutella is much more than just a simple bread spread. It opened my eyes as to think about what life is like across the world’s big ponds.

I suppose you can call it the “peanut butter” of Europe, because of the fact that having been to Europe myself, it is as popular there as peanut butter is here. During my time in Europe, I stayed at a family’s house for about three days. Call it a “homestay,” to experience what it is like to live in a family from another country. I recall that every morning coming downstairs, they would ask “Do you want Nutella, or butter on your bread?” At this time I had no knowledge of what nutella was, and I was not in the mood of trying it. However every morning for the few days I was there they would always ask when I would come down the same question. I would then respond by saying , “Do you have anything like peanut butter?” They then would give me the strangest look like I had asked some sort of awkwardly-phrased question in German (they were a German family). They then asked, “What’s peanut butter? Is it like butter that we have here?” It was somewhat amusing to me for them to ask that question because everyone in America knew what it was, and it felt strange that I had to explain it, but then I recalled that is how I felt about nutella. I guess you could say that nutella is much more than just a spread. I guess you could say that nutella, behind its enticing sweet chocolate taste, explains a whole different way of life.


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