How to Make Cheese Quesadilla/Pita “wraps”

1. Ingredients: Pita/Tortilla wraps, cheese of your choosing (for this, I chose the Tillamook Mexican Two-Cheese Mix with Pita bread).DSC01080

2. Cover approximately half of the wrap/tortilla with cheese, and then fold over the cheese-covered half with the other half of the wrap.DSC01083

3. Two ways of cooking:

– On a stove:

      a. Keep heat on low, flip after about three minutes, finish cooking once the wrap darkens or the cheese melts.

– (What I did)In a microwave:

      a. Microwave for approximately 1 min. 30 sec, any longer and the cheese will harden.DSC01085

4. Enjoy.



6 thoughts on “How to Make Cheese Quesadilla/Pita “wraps”

  1. Tone: VERY SIMPLE, a little funny at the end with being all fancy with such a simple product, short,
    Audience: Geared towards college students who either don’t have a lot of time or resources to be able to cool things
    Perspective: Says that the author does not spend a lot of time cooking, and that the author is not really into cooking more fancy, complicated things.
    Details: A few pictures, with very simple instructions.
    Persuasiveness: Convinces people in its simplicity, easiness, and relative lack of effort to make, probably not suitable to people looking to be a little more creative and willing to put more time into their recipes.
    Photo Credit: Not credited to anyone, I am assuming the photo is self-produced.

  2. The tone of Richard’s post is very simple and straight forward. He gives the ingredients and then the steps. His audience for this recipe would be for college students or for anyone with not a lot of time and money, he also included 2 options to cook his meal which is great for someone who does not have a microwave or a stove. The perspective is from his view or a view from anybody. The cheese quesadilla seems like a simple food that anyone can make, which you don’t need to be a professional cook, or have any fancy cooking materials. The details he included was text and pictures. The very last picture is set up in a nice candle lit environment on a dinner table with all utensils ready.

    • His recipe is very persuasive due to the simpleness of it, and because of how good the food looks in his picture, especially in the last photo. There is no photo credit, it seems like it was self-taken.

  3. The tone of this recipe is simple. The audience is technically college students because it requires very short amount of time. The recipe makes the author seem like he’s simple, not complicated. The instructions for this recipe are a series of pictures with simple sentences of what you want to use and need to do. This recipe is a persuasive one because it has a series of images that shows a little bit of the environment and it convinces the reader to go ahead and make a cheese quesadilla/ pita wrap. There is no citations for the photos, so the recipe implies that the author took the photos himself.

  4. Tone: Simple, and funny.
    Audience: College kids who don’t have a lot of time/money.
    Perspective: You cooking.
    Details: Pictures, appliances, and table w/ candles.
    Persuasiveness: Not really convincing, more informative, but I would do it.

  5. Hey, I’m from the other section:
    1. The tone was very informative and not all that funny or outlandish– simply a straight up guide.
    2. Perspective was shot in a first person style.
    3. The guide was probably intended for college students that don’t have much time.
    4. The written directions were very details and the pictures helped illustrate them.
    5. Looked like the guide was shot at home with easy access to a microwave and other utensils.

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