Gordon Ramsay

Known for his incredibly overwhelming brash and harsh demeanor, Gordon Ramsay was born into a difficult family, with a father who worked several jobs and was labeled an abusive alcoholic. However from humble beginnings Ramsay would work his way up the culinary chef ladder to become a well-renowned chef where the quality of his food would only be matched by his strong personality.

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Born under the name Gordon James Ramsay on 1966  in the town of Johnstone, Scotland, he grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England until the age of five. After a brief four year stint in soccer, a knee injury permanently prevented a return to sports.

Returning to college to earn a degree in hotel management, Ramsay apprenticed with some of Europe’s most prestigious chefs, including Marco Pierre White, Albert Roux, and Guy Savoy until 1993 where Ramsay began his career for the first time as a head chef. Earning a two-star rating from Michelin, Ramsay was awarded the “Newcomer of the Year” at the 1995 Catey Awards. Over the next few years, Ramsay would open several new restaurants,  notably his first in 1998 with his own namesake Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, Petrus in London, and the now-defunct Verre in Dubai. Most notably, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay remains London’s longest-running restaurant to hold the three-star Michelin rating, and Ramsay remains one of only four chefs in the UK to maintain three stars. In 2006, Ramsay received the Order of the British Empire award from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the food industry.

During this time also, Ramsay published several novels depicting his work and passion for cooking, such as Chef for all Seasons published in 2000. His introduction to television began with the British documentary Boiling Point where his harsh temperament, liberal use of “tongue lashing” would become iconic to his character in Europe, the U.K, the United States, and wherever else his programs were aired. Eventually, several sequels  like Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and the American equivalent Hell’s Kitchen USA.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post about Gordon Ramsay it is hilarious! The details that you have given about his life are really interesting. The pictures included are really entertaining and funny. With this piece of work you can probably start writing with an angle on how he came to have the personae that he does, is he really this mean in real life or is it just for the audience? Great job!

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