My Participation Grade

I believe realistically I earned a B regarding my participation grade. I believe that I did prepare for readings thoroughly and I produced alternate ways to interpret readings, particularly in discussions in groups where we offered group answers.

For example, for the peer review rubric concerning the research essay, the criteria stating, “Does the writer rely on too much summary? Or does the writer present an argument?” was an idea that I contributed to the group, to which I meant more along the lines of saying, “Does the writer truly analyze and create meaningful analysis from their evidence, or simply summarize what the quotation and source is saying?”

I felt that I offered a good amount of analysis in regards to our readings, particularly when some of our group did not have anything they themselves felt were useful or meaningful enough. Like when our group analyzed the article, Working in the Shadows, I felt that while some members of our group offered small little tidbits of information i did my best to summarize all our analysis as well as offering the bulk of what I understood and came up with. 

In response to presentations, while we never really did any formal presentations, I felt that my blog showed that I put in a good amount of effort with making it seem meaningful. I tried my best to be creative while trying to add my own flavor of humor (like the brief recipe, or Gordon Ramsay biography).


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