Interview with a Food Prep Professional


To Cook, Or Go To McDonald’s. That Is The question.

The The New York Times article,¬†Chop, Fry, Boil: Eating for One, or 6 Billion¬†by Mark Bittman describes that the best diet is only the food that you can cook from your own kitchen. There often, as the article points out, a BIG misconception that those so-called microwave dinners are cheaper than what you can make at home. If you can drive to McDonald’s, you can sure drive to the supermarket. Through just learning how to cook stir-fry, chopped salads (seriously, if you can’t make a salad there’s no hope for you), and rice and lentils, you’ve saved yourself most likely a couple of dollars and inches off your waist. Just learning how to make little things like these are already a huge step in a country dominated by the fast food culture. I certainly believe this argument, especially when Bittman compares the nutritional facts of rice/lentils vs. a KFC Chicken Pot Pie, and in my mind there is no comparison that the rice/lentils, or any recipe he offers in that case are far more healthier than anything you can get for dinner at a fast food joint.