Who am I anyway?

Hi everybody! My name’s Richard. My last name’s Struck. So I guess that makes me Richard Struck. I have a dog, whose name is Sparky. My mom’s name is Ann, and my Dad’s name is Rick.

I was born some 18 years ago in Redwood City, CA. I moved to Palo Alto, CA when I was about four, and went to Palo Alto High School a few years after that. Graduating from Paly (our high school’s nickname), I current attend San Jose State University and I am in the second semester of  my Freshman year.

I do a lot of volunteer work, some including working as a volunteer escort for the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto. Another thing I do is being a volunteer coach/instructor for a martial arts program in Redwood City called E-Karate, focusing on teaching martial arts to primarily special needs children for free.

A few other hobbies I do including playing music on the trumpet, tuba, and euphonium (I actually haven’t done that in a while since I haven’t practiced since the end of Senior year at Paly). Another (perhaps strange to some) thing I do is read a lot of books on various American football strategies (like wide receiver receiving and route running concepts of the West Coast Offense, and including the newer emergence of the 49ers pistol-hybrid run-option running game for the more football-inclined), as well as reading lots of books on the history of the NFL.

I have a lot of favorite foods, as I think that I am very open to eating a lot of different foods. I would have to say that my favorite of all of them would just be pizza. Specifically combination pizza from some place like Costco. Another thing about my favorite food is that I am not really picky as to where I get them, going to Costco to buy a pizza is just as good to me as getting pizza from Pizza My Heart.

At the park with my best canine friend =)

At the park with my best canine friend =)


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